I started a new tumblr today. It’s more of a personal page. There will be no real theme with it. Just things I like. Maybe some ramblings from time to time. I’ll probably post cell phone pictures of various people, places, things I see during my travels/day-to-day life. So yea. Here’s the link.


just what the hell was going on..

is this the normal “i have to delete you for a couple weeks”

or is this, goodbye?

randomly shut out

left in the dark

my heart

is battered



sometimes it drives me mad

on the highway of life

looking in the rear view

thinking should i leave you?


would that be better?

am i just an old faded sweater

that you no longer wear?

i wanted to keep you warm

but instead i sit here


torture of the heart

i want to be rid of it

i can’t do it


everything reminds me

of you